Manifesting traditional Islamic knowledge and spirituality to benefit the community through service

The Halal Food Bank in Melbourne is run entirely by volunteers and purely with donations, and aims to provide halal, nutritionally sound food to needy families, those who require crisis support, and asylum seekers on a monthly basis.

“I volunteer with the Halal Food Bank – Melbourne for several reasons. The first and foremost is the amazing dedication and hard work by the organisers of this initiative. Seeing the humility, devotion and effort that is put in month after month is truly inspiring. The precision and care that is taken when organising this … Continue reading Volunteer driver

Volunteer driver

“Since the Halal Food Bank – Melbourne was introduced to the IMCV (Indonesian Muslim Community of Victoria, Australia) in Westall Mosque more than a year ago, alhamdulillah the response has been very strong. Our food donation box is always filling up quickly. Food is an immense aspect of our culture, and the thought of some … Continue reading Collection point

Collection point

“Volunteering with the Halal Food Bank – Melbourne has been a humbling and inspiring experience, alhamdullillah. I am grateful that Allah SWT has blessed my family with an opportunity to be part of an organisation which provides such a worthy and vital service. Alhamdullillah, due to our involvement, we have gained many personal rewards. As … Continue reading Donor and Packing day attendee

Donor and Packing day attendee